Kinky Salon
Hello intergalactic travelers! 
Our dedicated crew has been working hard preparing the starship for your adventure. Before we blast off please read the following pre-launch checklist to ensure you have a smooth journey.

  • Members login for address
  • Buy your tickets. Buy them now to save money speed up the check in process.
  • Everyone must be accompanied. You must arrive and leave with your PAL. Read about the PAL system.
  • We don’t serve alcohol. If you would like a drink you need to bring it with you.
  • Bring a towel if you want to use the hot tub/ pool.
  • The cabaret is at midnight. Don’t miss it. It’s gonna be awesome.
  • Be aware of the dress code. If you are wearing jeans, khaki or sportswear you will be turned away.
  • Volunteer! Fill out this form. Entrance fees are waived for volunteers. Late shift still available.
  • No cell phones allowed. Absolutely no exceptions. Keep em stashed. 
  • We have a code of conduct. Please read it, understand it and abide by it.
  • The venue is a private home. Private areas of the house will be closed. Please respect our host’s wishes and do not enter any closed off areas.
  • Parking is abundant but if you park in our neighbor’s driveway we will ban you forever. For realsies.
  • Blast off is at 10pm. Arrive early or miss the fun.
  • Forward this email. It is your responsibility to make sure your PAL sees this info.
  • Pick a side. Dark or Rebel. 


Kinky Salon respects your privacy.
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