May 4 2019: May the 4th be with you

Kinky Salon
DATE: Saturday May 4th 2019
TIME: 10pm – 4am

RSVP or BUY TICKETS to find out the exact location. ZIP 89118
21+ NO UNACCOMPANIED SINGLES Click here for details

A few years ago, in a city not so far far away…. A sexy costumed party of intergalactic proportions was born! Seductive space creatures of all species rose up (and stripped down) to fight the power of the eeeeeevil Empire. Now the sex culture revolution had spread across the galaxy, and a new rebel base has been established on the remote desert planet of Las Vegas!

On May the Fourth, spin up your hyperdrives, strap on your lightsabers, and declare your allegiance: Rebel or Dark Side??? 

This is the party you’re looking for..

DJ DeMarco Cruz says.. “Gonna hit the freaks with some dope sexy beats” 
We can’t wait!

Cabaret Lineup


DRESS: Pick a side! Light or Dark. Booby Fett, Wookie Nookie, Jedi Sex Masters, Yoda (there’s nothing sexy about Yoda), Gender Ambiguous Stormtroopers, Hubba Hubba Jabba , Princess CumOnIWannaLeiA!, Is Rey Gay? Ewok suggles FTW, Sexy C3P0, R2D2 with dildo attachment, Spank-me Padme, BB8 BBW, Amidala-lama-dingdong. Jedis, rebel scum, galactic royalty, wookies, droids, sandpeople, capes, codpieces, lightsabers, 1970s and 80s sci fi fabulousness, intergalactic gamblers, bounty hunters, Princess Leia slave Leia, general Leia, codpieces, capes… so many capes, costumes that glow, create your own alien species, queen Amidala outfits, stormtroopers, sith lords, and the imperial guard.

Leather, Latex, PVC, Fetish, uniforms and sexy costumes always welcome! Absolutely NO STREET CLOTHES. We will turn you away and your ticket will not be refunded if you show up without making an effort!

DATE: Saturday May 4th 2019
TIME: 10pm – 4am
Zip code 89118 Please RSVP or BUY TICKETS to find out the exact location.

COST: $30- 40 sliding scale (ping for info on how to purchase $30 tickets)

Kinky Salon has a BYO bar. Bring a bottle of vodka and drink with all your friends all night for the price of one cocktail at a bar on the strip.

You get SO MUCH for your money. An amazing cabaret. Super fun sexy playspaces. Incredible DJs. Lounges. All in a themed decorated environment.

This is NOT FOR PROFIT. It’s a labor of love. A few people get paid. The goal is to break even. If there’s anything left over then the producer who busted her butt to create this might go home with something but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

A bunch of people volunteer making this event happen. If you can’t afford $40 you can join the team.

You must be over 21 to attend this event
Bring your own libations
Parking is easy and abundant
No unaccompanied singles (click for details)

Kinky Salon is a themed, costumed, sex positive, body positive, arty, queer, immersive, consent based, community driven, sexually explicit art experience. We promote sexual liberation by hosting community gatherings where sex is integrated into the social fabric of the events. Kinky Salons are parties. They are really, really fun parties with costumes, art, dancing, and performance, as well as areas where people can be playfully sexual. Creativity is the focus of the events, and sex is just one way to express yourself at a Kinky Salon. We call it a Sex Culture Revolution. Find out about our global community at 

Is it like a swinger party?
Only vaguely. People do have sex at a Kinky Salon. But it’s a very different vibe. Kinky Salon is queer friendly and body positive, and the sex part is only a small part of the event.
Is it like a BDSM party?
There is a kinky play area. We call it the FUNgeon. But that’s not the focus of the event and it’s not as serious as most kink focused events.
Is it a Burning Man thing?
Kinky Salon was born in San Francisco and is definitely a product of the same culture that birthed Burning Man, but we aren’t associated with any particular camp and have never had an event out there.
What about the interactive immersive elements?
The interactivity is never pushed on you. You can just chill by the bar like at any other regular party. We sometimes have decor you can interact with, like pressing buttons or crawling into things. We also sometimes have themed characters who might consensually interact with you. Do I really have to wear a costume?
Trust me, it’s fun to dress up. Make an effort and your costume becomes a sexy ice-breaker and people will want to talk to you! If you wear jeans, khaki or sportswear you will be turned away. I am still confused. Please tell me more. It’s basically just a really, really fun party! Don’t overthink it. Get your tickets NOW!  



Kinky Salon T-shirts and Hoodies are now available. Check out all the cute colors! The perfect garment to cover your costume on the bus on the way to a party!